Reporting Tools

Interactive graphs make it super easy to accurately track performance!

Unlike traditional direct mail, email marketing lets you see exactly who opened and clicked your emails. So no more guessing! Our interactive graphs show you the percentage of emails opened and clicked plus so much more.


Monitor bounced and unsubscribed contacts

Find out which email addresses bounced and why. The system will automatically determine whether we should retry sending or deactivate those email addresses from your list.

Reports also show you who unsubscribed and then the system will do the work for you and remove them from your list.


Track beyond the click with Google Analytics

Integrating with your websites Google Analytics is as simple as a few clicks. Best of all you can see what people do on your site after that they click from your email. Great for tracking your campaign ROI.


See exactly where subscribers click with click maps

Easily see which links in your email get the most clicks. Click maps help you make better decisions about the design of your email so you can keep improving conversion rates.

See how you compare with industry benchmarks

The Email Marketing Metrics Report is a series of data reports produced Vision6. It is calculated monthly as a reflection of the Australian Email Marketing landscape. See how you compare and discover trends that have an impact on your campaigns. View the Email Marketing Metrics Report.

Mobile vs Desktop vs Webmail

This chart shows the popularity of the different platforms people use to open their emails.



Over the last five years we have seen mobile opens increase from a mere 10%.
All templates in Vision6 are mobile friendly default.