When considering a Start-up – Oxygenta vs Mailblaze

Oxygenta vs. Mailblaze When considering a Start-up in South Africa , the setup and planning comes with a tremendous bag of responsibilities and challenges ahead. From finding your specific goal, the product and service you would be selling, the staff members and partners who will help you accomplish that, to

Email Marketing South Africa Platforms – Oxygenta vs. Everlytic

Email Marketing South Africa Platforms – Oxygenta vs. Everlytic No matter what the size of your business might be email marketing is one of the keys to success. You will be able to keep your loyal customers informed about the latest about the business through emails and newsletters. When it

2017 Rising Star Award and Top Ranking

The Oxygenta team feels proud to share some amazing news with our users: our Intuitive email marketing automation platform for agencies and marketers has just won two award, the Rising Star Award for 2017 and the prestigious Great User Experience Award presented by FinancesOnline. FinancesOnline a reputable software review platform

Take Your Email List to the Next Level & How to Grow Your Email List

In the world of email marketing, your email list is one of your best assets. But managing it effectively feels like one big game. And it’s addictive. We’re segmenting, optimising, and personalising each email campaign to achieve a higher score. And whether you’re winning or losing, you always find yourself

Get Ready to Party Harder with Eventbrite and Automated Event Management

We love to party as much as you do! Whether it’s an outdoor music festival or a conference like our Annual Email Marketing Summit, we’ll be there. And we know a thing or two about planning a really great event. It takes ninja-level organization and some serious heavy lifting. After all,