An effective customer review on a credible site can make or break your sales. It may sound harsh, but that’s the reality of today’s business playing field – online and offline. Consumers are itching for social proof of products and services more than ever and it’s a beneficial business exercise
May 24th, 2019 Culture Amma Marfo As you know, at Social Media Week we’re tremendous proponents of storytelling. Sharing our stories can endear us to one another, highlight experiences that seem remote or uncommon, and teach lessons that could otherwise seem too complicated or esoteric to explain. It’s especially attractive
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You’ve been drinking Coca-Cola your whole life. You drink it when you’re bored; you drink it at McDonald’s, you drink it with your friends, you drink it when you’re having pizza, you drank it when you saw the Avengers – EndGame recently. Coca-Cola completes an experience for you, and that
May 21st, 2019 Tech Amma Marfo The era of answering your favorite podcast host’s questions shouting into the ether is over. Spotify’s recently acquired Anchor hasn’t stopped innovating since it was bought the streaming giant earlier this year. And their latest feature aims to make podcasting truly social: