Prospect With Personalized Videos Using LinkedIn Dynamic Ads

How to Prospect on Social Media with Personalized Videos Using LinkedIn Dynamic Ads

Have you heard of LinkedIn dynamic ads?

Prospecting on social media for quality leads, new clients, and consistent sales is hard. We all know that mass messaging doesn’t work either. Besides my personal opinion, your current numbers could be telling the full story.

Just like many other competitors in your niche, you now have this conviction that personalized video content can improve the effectiveness of social media prospecting strategy.

Interestingly, a measurable percentage of increase in this regard might as well result in desirable outcomes like higher conversion rate, growing revenue, and better ROI. But how can you make that happen for your business or company? That’s what this post is all about.

By reading through to the end, you’ll find social media marketing strategies and tips that could be useful to accomplish your current goals. However, let’s look at some of the core basics before proceeding.

What Is Personalized Video?

This is video content created specifically for a single defined buyer persona or exclusive segment of personas. This follows the upward rise of personalization in digital marketing. As a testament to this rise, many people interested in personalized video content marketing are actively looking for new examples to learn from. And if you look around, some interesting personalized video statistics make the whole thing attractive for almost everyone.

Why Use Personalized Video?

From what I found prospecting on social media with personalized video is very attractive at this time. Depending on where you are in the prospecting spectrum, you may not have considered all these points. Regardless of your peculiar context, the real benefits can only be experienced people making proactive commitments. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using personalized video in your social media prospecting strategy.

Triple Media Effect 

Unlike other types of media used to prospect on social media, text, image, infographics, and GIFs, video is different. On the other hand, a typical personalized video often contains text, image, and audio. That means video cannot be compared with other kinds of single format content. A combination of these three things makes personalized videos highly powerful for influencing our visual sense, auditory sense, emotion, as well as purchase intent.

Growing Consumption of Video Content

From almost a zero-starting point in the last decade, the popularity and preference for video content have been on the upward rise. In line with this, there has been a continued explosion of video creation tools and distribution channels in recent times. Among other things, smartphone and internet penetration across countries, especially the mobile-first ones, contribute to this.

Consequently, the time people, including adults in many demographic segments, spend on online video is also increasing. Interestingly, there is strong evidence that a bigger percentage of online video hours are spent on social media. The key point is that you can leverage personalized video in those locations and niche markets where your competitors are not proactive with video.

One Size Never Fits All

Selling snake oil to people in need of pain killer can never work in any context irrespective of consistent efforts or ad budget size. In other words, using the same social media prospecting message for everyone in your target audience or list can hardly get you the results you desire. This is why personalized video marketing has been proven to work so well. In practical terms, your video content can be personalized based on a single persona or segment of personas that share the same characteristics.

Benefits of Using Personalized Video For Prospecting

Precise Messaging

Whether you call it social selling or prospecting on social media, 100% reliance on guesswork won’t get you to where you want to go. It’s all about the core message in your content. Like I said earlier, one size doesn’t fit all. The most crucial point is being precise about your buyer persona, their current pain points, and other relevant variables will help you personalize your video content. This, in turn, will increase effectiveness.

Brand Recall

In practical terms, it takes multiple touchpoints before someone commits to paying for a product or service. Especially on social media, making multiple touchpoints will improve brand recall and level of trust and there’s no better content to use than a video. The reason is that we humans remember more of what we watch and see than what we read. When audio and emotional touchpoints are present in a video, it makes it even the probability of brand recall increases as well.

Higher Conversion Rate

What better way could you measure the effectiveness of prospecting with personalized video on social media than conversion rate?

Here I’m talking about converting prospects into quality leads and clients. Yes, we all know that our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text. However, video influence brand awareness, perception, emotional response, as well as purchase intent.

By adding personalization to the mix with your prospects’ current needs and pain points in the video, you’ll be positioned for a higher conversion rate. Concerning this, Karthi Mariappan – the CEO of Hippo Video, the video personalization platform reported that –

‘’Personalized intro videos in the early stage of the sales cycle can increase response rates 300%. Intimate experiences with the brand is what today’s customers yearn for.”

Key Data Points For Personalized Video

  1. Keywords mentioned in social media feeds
  1. Social media profile data
  1. The previous video watched
  1. Specific page view
  1. Searched keyword used in finding a website
  1. Website visitor frequency (New vs. Returning)
  1. Location (country, state, city, county)
  1. Device
  1. Purchase history
  1. Social media demographic data

How To Use LinkedIn Dynamic Ads

With over 610 million users, LinkedIn offers an excellent opportunity for prospecting with personalized video. One good option is LinkedIn Dynamic Ads. With the depth of personal and professional data on this platform, you’ll have a very unique targeting capability that is hard to find elsewhere. Did I tell you that LinkedIn users have higher spending power in comparison to Facebook and many other social media sites? Now, let’s highlight some tips on how to prospect on social media using personalized video.

Choose Ad Objective

The very first thing is to choose the object of your prospecting Ads on LinkedIn. This will give you the basis to measure the effectiveness or outcome of your ads. The core objectives are divided as follows –

  1. Brand Awareness

    With this, you can bring more targeted prospects to follow your LinkedIn business page. This is a simple means of making your brand known to the targeted audience segment. For some reasons, you may skip this objective.

  1. Consideration Stage

    This is meant to engage prospects that are qualified to become your client or customers. The most important thing you can do here is to get website visitors or video views. In this context, you should aim to tailor the prospecting video content and messaging to a specific persona, pain point, or current need.

  1. Conversion Ad

    Just as the name sounds, this one is meant to convert prospects into qualified leads. The same ad objective can be used to generate online sales (website conversion) as well as job applications. For the sole purpose of prospecting on social media, you can add your personalized video directly on the lead generation landing page or thank you page with an offer.

Ad Creation

Regardless of the ad objective you choose, you still have to do some ad creation work. From the Ad headline to the copy and image, you’ll have the opportunity to personalize everything based on the actual needs of the individual persona.

Moreover, LinkedIn Dynamic Ads comes with templates that add extra levels of personalization with user information like profile name, profile photo, job title, and many more. For example, an Ad promoting an upcoming event could be written to speak directly to persons living within the proximity of the event venue. During the advert campaign setup, you also have to set up the bids and budget for your social media prospecting ad campaign.

Tracking And Optimization

Practically, the essence of choosing a specific ad objective is to have the basis for measuring outcomes as well as the cost of each prospecting campaign. The other exciting thing is that it sets the foundation for testing and identifying the ad creatives, demographics, and personas that deliver impressive results more than all others.

To make it easy for everyone, LinkedIn provides impressive conversion tracking capabilities. With this, you’ll be able to measure the outcome of your social media prospecting campaigns with personalized video content.

For example, with a video view campaign, you can test different types of personalized video content to discover the exact one that brings more engagement or website visitors. Eventually, these data points can then be used for further optimization and improvement.

It is also important to note at this point that LinkedIn Dynamic Ads supports other third-party conversion tracking tools in the market.

That’s a Wrap

Personalized videos are still in their nascent stages. Marketers need to understand the ways to use personalized videos in their marketing mix. LinkedIn dynamic ads is a good start. You can leverage personalized videos with Facebook dynamic ads too. I will be covering that in my next article. Let me know if you’ve used personalized videos in your sales process in the comments section below.

Nikhil Premanandan

Nikhil Premanandan is an expert on Video Marketing. Nikhil is the head of marketing currently at Hippo Video, a video personalization, and distribution platform. He likes to experiment with videos consistently and document his experiences in his blogs. When he’s not working you can find him digging through the latest exploits of Tom Hanks and Steve Carell.

Nikhil Premanandan
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