5 Tools To Help Organize Your Content Marketing Tasks

5 Tools To Help Organize Your Content Marketing Tasks (3)

For online businesses who invest in content marketing, every piece of content needs to be flawless. Otherwise, you won’t be successful. The problem is that content is not only blog posts, podcasts or social media activity. It’s all of the above, and not just that. But if you work in a large agency or company, this challenge is amplified 10-fold.

Content can be challenging to organize. With no organization, you can’t create the right content at the right time. It can hurt your marketing success. Fortunately, there’s a wide array of content and marketing tools to choose from.

According to, 45 Insanely Useful Content Marketing Tools To Skyrocket Engagement, the most successful marketing companies use at least 5 tools to create high-performing content. However, if you don’t have a good content marketing strategy, even the best tools won’t help you. Once you get the right strategy, these 5 tools will help you better organize your content marketing tasks and improve your productivity.

In this article, I won’t mention the most popular tools – I’ll turn the spotlight on 5 lesser-known tools. Some of these tools are good for more than just the category. For example, SE Ranking is great for optimizing content for SEO, but it is also great for content ideation. So, you should definitely take a look, and use them in your content marketing.

1. Finteza for measuring content performance

If you’re creating content, you should measure the success of your content marketing campaign. Ongoing analytics are necessary for improving the general conversation about your brand and learning what works, and what doesn’t work. Using the right data analytics tool like Finteza is the first step in creating an effective content marketing campaign.

Finteza is a free analytics suite that provides detailed reports on user behavior, CTR for individual ads or the entire campaign, gives insight into your conversion funnels and optimizes your future content based on your audience’s interests. The tool also helps you create and schedule your campaigns to show up there ahead of time and rest easy as Finteza will do the task brilliantly.

5 Lesser-Known Tools To Organize Your Content Marketing Tasks

One of the best and unique features is the multi-step traffic quality report. It enables you to analyze users data from any perspective. You can research users of certain devices, consumers in a specific location, shoppers of a certain service, and detect medium-quality and suspicious traffic. Finteza helps content marketers research data based on value and better understand the effectiveness of content marketing campaigns.

5 Lesser-Known Tools To Organize Your Content Marketing Tasks

2. SE Ranking for optimizing content for SEO

Whether you’re doing keyword research to come up with topic ideas, trying to figure out your competitors rank on Google or looking for ways to get quality backlinks to your published content, SE Ranking will work for that.

“SE Ranking is the SEO’s Swiss Army Knife tool that helps with detailed keyword research, competitor monitoring options to better compete for search rankings and links, SEO audits, and content performance evaluations,” says Boris Lavent of Lavent Law. “It gives users the ability to monitor your website to detect any roadblocks in content, generate content ideas with its keyword suggestion tool, and research competing sites to find new ideas for content you’ve never known before.”

5 Lesser-Known Tools To Organize Your Content Marketing Tasks

SE Ranking helps you easily optimize your content for search, move fast and scale results for your websites. The report builder gives you the ability to easily create customized white-label reports and include data from Google Analytics, Google Console or the SE Ranking toolkit.

5 Lesser-Known Tools To Organize Your Content Marketing Tasks

3. Kapost for automating content promoting efforts

There are a bunch of different options to help online marketers make content management easier and organized. I’ve chosen Kapost because of its unique vision and scope. The best thing about this tool is the ability to visually organize your content marketing plan from idea generation to final article and social distribution.

It is fully searchable, sortable and visible within Kapost. It helps marketing and sales teams work together and increase collaboration in a centralized location, track the success of the assets and detect any drawbacks through each step of content planning. With Kapost’s analytics, you can view how many clicks, shares, views, and downloads you are getting on each piece of content, and maximize its impact.

5 Lesser-Known Tools To Organize Your Content Marketing Tasks

One more killer feature of the tool is the content auditor. Kapost allows you to automatically analyze content performance across key distribution channels. The tool is highly flexible, making it possible to keep organized buyer persona and position in the marketing funnel.

4. Kred for promoting content on social media

Creating quality content is undoubtedly the backbone of content marketing, but it is not enough to win with users and Google. Content sharing is an important tasks for every marketer. Sometimes influencers can help you with your niche.

Kred can boost the reach of your efforts beyond your niche audience and find the right influencers on the web while analyzing Twitter and Facebook activity. The tool shows how powerful influencers stand out from the crowd, how many followers they have, how often their words or phrases are retweeted, and any engagement they have with others around their content.

5 Lesser-Known Tools To Organize Your Content Marketing Tasks

Kred also gives an opportunity to become an influencer, improve your own status and promote your content easier.  I love the transparency of the tool. It tells you point-blank what you are doing, how people are reacting to your content, and why they feel you’re influential.

5. Hunter for promoting content through email

Hunter is one of my favorite digital marketing tools. I like it because it helps you quickly identify email addresses of professionals. It is a great tool to build connections with powerful influencers or managers at a specific company.

It is so easy to use and get results quickly. Just enter the domain, and get target email addresses with the first name, last name, and company website. To make sure that the email is right, Hunter provides a confidence rating.

5 Lesser-Known Tools To Organize Your Content Marketing Tasks

The tool provides a Chrome extension, a Google Sheets Add-on, and other CRM integrations to get emails while surfing the web. Moreover, if you’re contected to someone on Linkedin, you can find these individuals and contact them directly.

Bonus Tools for every “hands-on” marketer

Every content marketer wants to create content that gets a lot of shares and likes across social media channels. The best way to do it is to discover the most shared content and create content around similar topics.

You can try looking for frequently asked questions from real people asked on websites like Reddit and Quora. They have passionate niche communities that regularly contribute insightful content and will help fill your empty calendar with a bunch of new ideas.

5 Lesser-Known Tools To Organize Your Content Marketing Tasks

To create a good content strategy, you can write a blog post to answer Quora or Reddit questions, and then answer in Quora or Reddit linking to your full blog post. It is a great way to end up with a lot of referral traffic.

Once you have a backlog of ideas for content creation, it is time to create great content. It is easy to write content with a word processor like Word or Google Docs, but creating images and videos to convey your content is a challenging task. With Kapwing, you can easily create and edit your videos, images, and GIFs using its fast and simple tools.

The tool helps content marketers quickly process videos and gifs for social media adding subtitles, watermarks, trimming and resizing. It also includes looping video, a collage maker, sound effects maker, meme maker, reversing, converting and rotating videos. Kapwing allows you to easily reformat videos for Instagram.

5 Lesser-Known Tools To Organize Your Content Marketing Tasks

You don’t need to be a pro video editor. Kapwing will do the hard work for you and save time getting the right video format.

Bottom Line

Content marketing can be overwhelming and competitive. Many companies are trying to create content to increase website traffic, build stable relationships with consumers, and get more sales.

Whether you’re managing large projects full of interrelated tasks or just trying to create a repeatable content process for your daily work, your life will be much simpler if you stay more organized and use the right tools.

Make sure to choose the tools based on your budget, goals and particular needs. Test one, or investigate all five tools. These tools should be a helpful starting point in content marketing.

How do you organize your content marketing tasks? If you have a favorite tool that isn’t mentioned, please share it with us in the comments below. Don’t forget to tell us why it’s your favorite!

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