Use Chance Intelligence (CQ) to Improve Your Personal Branding

Improve Your Personal Branding  Investing in Chance Intelligence (CQ)

Many entrepreneurs have no success. And there are many reasons.

Here’s one reason:

They are looking for chances their whole life. That is normally not bad! But we could lose ourselves in too much focus.

The problem is, we too often think: “I only have to unleash my potential, my personal power within!” and people will love me.

Or we set everything on the perfect plan. We plan to contact 10 interesting people on LinkedIn and when these contacts don’t bring us any “result” our plan was not perfect. The plan is then the scapegoat.

We too often see life as a deal. We have to deal with our personal power, with our plan.

But life is NO deal. Life consists of interesting moments that should be “grasped” and seized to our advantage.

Fact is:

Life consists of chances.

Increase your Chance Intelligence (CQ)!

What is Chance Intelligence (CQ)?

Chance Intelligence (CQ) means …

  1. Being able to realize chances
  1. Being able to really leverage opportunities

and most important

  1. To actively work out chances

Chance Intelligence (CQ) requires focus.

Each chance is a special approach to everyday life.

Everywhere in life are chances hidden under a magic hat. At first glance, chances do not look like opportunities. And only a few people dare to make mistakes and risk something. The real, fat opportunities are well hidden.

Let’s be clear:
The number of opportunities that everyone has in life is basically infinite.

Some people are better than others in recognizing and using their opportunities. They see through situations and immediately recognize what they need to do next, to seize the opportunity others have not yet realized.

How do they do that?

There are people whose ideas, projects and achievements are always amazingly astonishing and admirable. These people seem to do everything right and succeed in everything they do. They just overflow with creativity, brilliance, and charisma. And they are always one step ahead of others.

How do they do that?

And now to the other side of the coin:
For many people, the optimism of purpose rules: Life is good as it is. They are not really satisfied with their life results, but they are believing that there are no better opportunities for them. Such an attitude cannot convince. We resign ourselves to our own lot. We simply accept the “status quo”.

And some people, on the other hand, secretly ask themselves with a sense of inferiority:
What do the others have that I do not have? Why can’t I get what the others seem to do effortlessly?

And the other third of people hope to have success “one day”. Hope is their daily bread.

How can these mindsets convince?

What would our world be without inventors who saw their opportunity and also seized it?

Chance Intelligence (CQ) is important from multiple points of view in increasingly close-knit and increasingly densely populated markets.

A high “CQ” enables us to come up with new ideas privately and professionally, acquire new approaches, face new problems and solve them, gain new customers and conquer new markets.

A high “CQ” is your chance for improving your personal branding.

Fact is:
Many entrepreneurs are not only successful, because of their confidence, perseverance, and a large network. They mostly have Chance Intelligence (CQ), or the ability to recognize, use and develop opportunities.

But don’t believe that chances are visions. Chances are never in the future – they are directly under our nose.

Chance is about “reframing” – a process is put into a new context.

Everyone waits for this special moment, for this special job – but there is no special moment. Success lies in the here and now. The key is our initiative. When the chance is gone, we realize what was false.

And what is most important:
Chances don’t give a damn about rules. We too often believe there MUST exist a rule for everything. We believe everything must work the way we want. And we steadily study why something does not work.

But the fact is:
New ideas don’t arise from secured knowledge but from a new combination of existing knowledge. Innovation comes from different experiences. And experience does not result from using the knowledge we already have.

Who really wants to recognize chances in life, should “hunt” chances, permanently going through new experiences.

Here some good examples of chances you should seize in life:

  1. Having the chance to visit a new country
  1. Being invited into a new contact’s house
  1. Having the chance to write a book
  1. Having the chance to speak at an event

One of the greatest obstacles in life is our need for security. We set too much on security, on being safe. We hesitate flying on a plane. We hesitate to perform on a stage. We doubt too much and want to live lazily.

We limit ourselves – and herewith we limit our success. We close our eyes in front of chances. As we don’t see them, we don’t use them. And as we don’t use them, we believe we don’t have any. Then we are frustrated. And envy those, that have chances and use them.

We too often choose the sparrow in the hand. We choose a simple life. We cling to our lives and we cling to the things we know. We cling to our old habits and are not willing to give them up.

Chance Intelligence (CQ) means letting go … detaching ourselves from the past, from bad habits, from our routine, from our stubbornness.

Why not get rid of some ballast in life?

Pack a rucksack and flying spontaneously into a tropical paradise?

Another great problem in our lives is that we too often keep a “drawer” open for us. Only for an emergency situation. When things don’t work. When our plans don’t work.

We are not able to really let go … We are masters in holding on to the old …

People are not able to seize chances because they have hands and heart full of old “things”. Old principles, values, habits, imagination.

But life is no rehearsal. You only have ONE life! Time to do it right!

Time to let go …

Time to enjoy our life a bit more! On our deathbed, we will regret the chances we did not take.  Begin to invest in Chance Intelligence (CQ) – now! Opportunities are potentials that only need to be implemented. Delete phrases like “That cannot work” from your repertoire.

Here some inspirations for Chance Intelligence (CQ):

Inspiration 1 – New Environment

Surround yourself with interesting people – consciously also with people, that are different than you, that work in other fields, and see the world differently.

In some environments, you’re a “big fish” in a small pond, in other environments, you’re a “small fish” in a big pond. When you steadily surround yourself with the same people, you may remain uninspired and dull. Who you are and what you can do in one environment is very different from who you are and what you can do in another.

I love this quote:

Don’t  join an easy crowd; you won’t grow. Go where the expectations and the demands to perform are high.

(Jim Rohn)

  1. Why not looking over the own edge of the plate from time to time? What are others doing?
  1. Take your chance and ask people from other fields for an opinion. Let yourself be inspired.
  1. Learn from different sources (via the internet, books, magazines, webinars, etc.)

If you don’t have the right “soil”, you can’t grow.

Inspiration 2 – Extend Your Activity

Invite the “coincidence”!

Why not visit a networking event, a fair, or an interesting event? Get into contact with interesting people, introduce yourself and your business and talk about a dream job.

Sometimes chances don’t arise chance! Sometimes it needs some good preparation.

Inspiration 3 – Enter New Territory

Do things you never did before …

  • Sit in the first row in a theater.
  • Go bungee jumping.
  • Give a presentation.
  • Write a book.

Cherish wonderful moments in life!

Inspiration 4 – Problems as Chances

We all don’t want to have problems. And we aim at the easy path. The path without problems. And when problems should come up, we struggle. Because we name the very problem a real problem.

What we should learn:
There are NO problems in life – problems are only challenges, hidden chances, and opportunities.

Problems are there for learning, we should see them as experience. We grow in ourselves when we are able to solve our problems.

Businesses are there for solving problems.

And let us be clear:
One can only recognize opportunities and chances if one is aware of one’s own goals, desires, and strengths.

People with Chance Intelligence (CQ) are aware of the own potential, goals, and desires and see in upcoming problems and difficulties their chance.

They ask themselves:
What does this “problem” teach me? What can I make of this? Which possibilities are offered to me? What chance can I use from this incident? How can I transform this into an opportunity, an advantage, or a new useful insight?

Inspiration 5 – Going Through Life with a Chance View

Learn to walk through life with open eyes. Learn to see what is “behind” things. Develop a certain view for chances.

People with this particular opportunity perspective have a sensitive sense of situations. They possess the courage to break rules, they are accurate and interested observers, have a strong perception, and walk as “non-conformist” and with their own opinions through life.

Chance Intelligence (CQ) needs preparation and the right attitude

Only with good preparation, self-trust, self-knowledge, and a clear career strategy can we give our brain the ability to recognize and respond to random yet relevant information.
Chance Intelligence (CQ) is developed through self-awareness, through own initiative, wherever we have influence, and serenity, where chance acts.

We should always be open for coincidences, and through that, we develop inner independence.

Fact is:
Life is not always easy and there are always obstacles in life. We cannot prevent certain things – bad events and strokes of fate – thinking and planning. But we can overcome such things with a serene and calm attitude.

Now you will say:

How do I recognize a chance?

Good question!

Fact is:

You can be trained to recognize chances

Recognition of opportunities can very well be trained and it is largely a question of the own attitude, whether you tend to always see the problems first – or just want to recognize the opportunities and wants. And when you adjust this everyday focus mentally, there are suddenly many opportunities.

Recognizing chances is very important for a business

Recognizing opportunities is an important prerequisite in everyday business for innovation and permanent improvement and optimization of products and services.

Only those entrepreneurs who are open to opportunities, recognize them, assess them realistically, implement them with the necessary perseverance and commit themselves to them, drive the own company forward or develop innovations.

Chance recognition is important for business success. Happy are those who are able to create their own success. Lucky people have the ability to recognize, use and develop opportunities – they have Chance Intelligence (CQ). Creating opportunities is the 8th Key Quality of a Key Person of Trust (KPT).

Becoming a Key Person of Trust (KPT) is the Next Revolution in Branding!

Convince with Chance Intelligence (CQ), too!

Comments welcome!

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